Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hmm, exceeded photo upload quota...

While attempting to change my header photo to a more fall-ish looking one, I was told by blogger that I had "reached my photo upload quota" and could not upload any new photos to my blog. And then I couldn't seem to just return the original header photo either. Hmm. So now, I am header photo-less and have a research project on my hand - what to do about my lack of photo upload space. Being as computer illiterate as I am, I am trying not to let anxiety overtake me!

Have any of you bloggers experienced this? What did you do to solve it?

Edited the next day to add: Well, I did some research. I found this article which says "If you are not a Google+ member, photos smaller than 800 pixels by 800 pixels that you upload to your Picasa Web Albums will not count toward your 1-gigabyte total." So I started with that. I tried resizing my photos to smaller than 800 pixels. That worked for blog posts but not for my header - I was still given the message that I had no photo upload space when trying to put up a new header photo (even one smaller than 800 pixels).

The article also says "Google+ users get unlimited storage for photos...".  I've never heard of Google +. Apparently it is something like Facebook. So, I joined as an experiment. It took 30 seconds, I didn't share any personal information at all. Not even my email or blog address so I don't see how it could have helped. But it seems to have. Weird. Immediately after joining I could upload a new header photo through Blogger just like I always have. I'm going to go continue business as usual and see if all goes well. 

Thanks for your comments and advice everyone!


  1. Oh no! We have to have pictures! I have no idea what to do. I hope someone does though. I hope it gets fixed fast. I love your pictures.

  2. You buy more storage....or delete old pictures.

  3. I am not sure how much it costs now....I ran out back when it was cheap to buy extra storage....but I heard it is a monthly fee now instead of an annual fee....but if you search blogger you will find some answers.
    I did just place a soap order through your etsy page to help ease the pain a tiny bit. ;)

  4. Sheila, thanks, that gave me a good laugh. lol :)

    I've got to get my smarty pants husband at this computer to help me out. It seems that blogger offers a $2.50/month fee for "more storage" but it lists 1 GB of storage in the album that I'm already only allowed 1 GB of storage in so I don't understand what the $2.50 is buying! I'll figure it out, one way or another...

    Thanks, Kris. I love posting pictures! :)

  5. I had this happen and so I looked at my google plus photo album their was lots of pics I had uploaded that didn't make the final cut to my blog and I deleted them 6 months later and my up load limit message hasn't happened again.

  6. I know other people upload their photos to photo sharing sites like Flickr and photo bucket.

    Once the photo is uploaded you then get a link for the photo which you insert into your blog post. It is more work than usual but If you google Flickr and blogger I'm sure there will be tutorials.

  7. Thanks so much for your post about joining Google +. I had the same problem with the header picture - your solution was perfect, quick, and free!

  8. If you make the largest side of each photo 800 pixels or less, you can still add them to your blog, even if you've gotten the "exceeded quota" message. I've had to do this for my last two posts and so far, so good!

  9. I found your blog googling pictures and blogger. I signed up for Google +, did you get more space right away or did you have to wait?