Monday, January 7, 2013

fun days at home

Just some recent photos of the children.

The Littlest Miss, who, at 14 months, finally decided to start walking! My latest walker by far.

Here is Mister Four Year old celebrating his day of becoming Mister Five Year old. When pregnant with him, my due date was Christmas Eve. He ended up coming a few days sooner, but it is a challenge each year to make his birthday a special one that doesn't get all mixed up with the Christmas festivities.

His dad drew a rather hilarious pin the tail on the donkey game, drew and cut out tails, and helped them play. The kids loved it. Such simple fun for a birthday celebration.

Here some of the boys are having fun playing the new game that Grandma brought.

Our goofy 3 year old falls asleep in such funny places. He was sound asleep here, and left a drool puddle on the stair.

Our Mister 5 Year old is learning math in preschool now. We're using Rod & Staff arithmetic, the same book our 1st grader is in (preschooler in lesson 6, 1st grader in lesson 115  ;) ). I really enjoy what Rod & Staff curriculum we've used so far. We're going to dive into their English book next year for 2nd grade. Here Mr. 5 Yr old is showing me "5 minus 3" - five ducks were in the pond, then 3 went out onto the grass. I made the felt board (obviously :p ) and used the pattern given in the R&S math book to cut the ducks out.

Oh look! The funny 3 yr old has fallen asleep in another funny spot (a dining chair).

In November we celebrated another birthday- that of our now Mister Seven Year old! Time flies much too quickly... sigh.

We recently experienced a pretty severe windstorm for our area. We were without power for about 12 hours. A very educational 12 hours! We learned where our biggest holes in preparedness are (#1. Water). And just how quickly candles actually burn down! (Fast) We ended up doing research on alternative lighting- lamps, kerosene, lamp oil, candles, etc., only to come away feeling discouraged because everything is toxic and we'd really rather avoid breathing it. I read online about a study that showed women in Kenya, where most everyone's lighting is from kerosene, die more frequently from breathing related disorders than malaria due to the toxicity of kerosene.

Just hanging out there near the candlelit table, singing carols and reading books with the children, left me with a terrible headache. Something about those candles did not sit well with my being. It took 2 and a half days to go away!

Today we are enjoying a gorgeous winter wonderland. I think it may have snowed a foot during the past 24 hours. On top of what we already had!  My husband helped out our neighbor today, who had gotten two vehicles stuck in the snow in their driveway. I have potatoes simmering on the stove for dinner. My teen son is out frolicking in the deep snow with the dog (and curious turkeys). We started up our homeschooling today after our 2 week Christmas break. Life is good on the homestead.

On another note, my mama has been hospitalized recently due to complications from her cancer. She is beginning a new round of chemotherapy tomorrow, with a brand new (to her) drug. We all hope and pray her body responds well to it.


  1. First off, praying for your Mama....sending good vibes and happy thoughts your way.

    We live in a place where we get tornadoes and lose power all the time. In a pinch, you can stick a wick in Crisco (we don't cook with it, but the oil is cheap for emergency candles). If you use the big cans, it will burn for 80+ hours.

    May you have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. I love your blog! I enjoy reading about your homesteading adventures and your family. I really enjoy the photos of the beautiful snow because here in Texas that just isn't something we see much if ever.

  3. Aubrey I always love to see your creative birthday cakes, the kids must be so excited to see them!

    I am so sad about your mom. I know that cancer treatment is exhausting, it is so lucky that she has been able to travel up there to see you guys.

  4. Love your days! Over here we've been having 60* days, so we are trying to get outside as much as possible. By golly, those chores just do not go away :-)

    I thought I would pass this along, hopefully you see this in time, but there are a ton of Backwoods Home Magazine issues and Jackie Clay books (all e-books) free on amazon/kindle. They were scheduled to be free Jan. 10th, but today is the 11th and I just saw the free listings post here:

    The issues were still free, but I am assuming they won't be for long! Go grab them :-)


  5. I saw this today on tumblr and thought it might be of use to you with your lighting issues.

    They are solar powered lamps amplified by jars. Each lamp lasts about 5 hours per charge.

    I've never commented before but I've been reading your blog since before the littlest farm girl was born. :)

    Hope this helps some!

  6. That Mr. 3 year old is a man after my own heart. :)
    I just checked out this website- I know you guys are well educated on this stuff, but your hubby might enjoy some of the info.
    <3 to you all!
    Raini and Noah

  7. That is so funny, the little one falling asleep anywhere like that. I laugh every time I look.

  8. This is my first visit to your lovely blog and I enjoyed reading about your life in Idaho. I was raised in Northern California and then moved to Southern California after high school. Married had my 4 children and then we all moved to the east coast. Nice to meet you.

  9. Oh the kids are getting so big! I love seeing your place; it looks so great! And I love all the snow pictures. Beautiful! So sorry about your mom, hope she is okay.

  10. I just found your amazing blog and is truly inspired for a more sustainable lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm looking forward to reading more. :)

    /Em, Sweden

  11. I love that knit blanket in a "3 yr old funny seep photo". Hand made? Pattern?

  12. She is so beautiful, that baby of yours!