Saturday, February 9, 2013

babies, babies, babies

I realize I am overdue for a non-farm animal related post, but it's so hard when there are so many cute farm animals out there!

The twins born 2 days ago:

Cutey ram lamb guy:

Here's a peek at how halter training Heidi is going, lol:

This morning:

Socializing with the turkeys:

This mama had 7 bunnies, plus I added a foster bun from a bad mama that was letting her babies freeze. Nice big litter of healthy, hoppy buns!

This is not a baby. He is in fact one of our three big ol' bucks. His job in life is to sit around and wait for us to stick a lady rabbit into his cage. Then he immediately (and I mean immediately!) begins helping to create new baby bunnies. He's a good buck- always cuddling and grooming his ladies, never ever scratching or biting them like some others have done (the worst offenders get put in a stew pot asap).

Look at this mama's mini-me right behind her. :)

And one more baby. :) This is me today, at 24 weeks.

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  1. Love the Lamb twins!

    The red one is adorable.

  2. Love the pictures! My son and I really enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the pictures...the one of Heidi on the halter is to cute.
    Oh and to let you know, I love reading your blog.

  4. Hey, that's about all I have on my blog anymore. Lots and lots of cute baby pictures. I can't help it! And there are a lot more to come too. So be ready! And you look like you could have more than one baby. Have you found out yet? Thanks for sharing all your baby cuteness too. I love them all.

  5. Sandra, Magnolia Holler, Anon and Kris- thank you all for visiting and leaving me a comment. :) I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the cute baby pictures. I know they are not professional or amazing, but they are cute! ;) Kris, we have found out- there is just one baby in there. ;)

  6. Aubrey, First can you and tim send me a email. Fried my system and all my addresses have been lost. Cute cute babies and I just love reading your blog. The halter you have on the calf looks like it is a sheep halter. either a calf halter or foal halter will work much much better. puts pressure in the right area. Or you can make your own with knots and some rope.
    I have some links and such I think you might want to explore. Here is a homesteaders book someone put in PDF form. I think you will enjoy it (probably print it off for library)

  7. So many babies! Lovely all. I won't start kidding until the end of March.

  8. Love all the babies! Your dreads are so long now!! :)

  9. What a delightful post, full of new life... exciting days for you... Thank you for joining in 'Rurality Blog Hop #2' Hope to see you next Wednesday for #3... (I'm your newest follower and rss subscriber...)

  10. Shari, I'm sure it is a sheep halter, lol. I was just working with what we had on hand that fit her. She has since grown out of that little red halter and I did put a calf halter on her that I had ordered. She really enjoys being scratched and pet around her her face, but still hates to be walked on a leash.

    Edenhills, aren't lambs so fun! Thanks for the comment.

    Danielle, I know, my dreads are crazy long!

    cargillwitch, I'm sure there must me some old wives tale about that- does it mean I'm having a boy or girl?? lol

    Madge, thank you so much for hosting the blog hop, and for leaving me a lovely comment. I hope to join many more of your blog hops in the future, once our new camera arrives in the mail! Our old one suddenly broke recently. I truly dislike spending one day without a camera!