Monday, February 11, 2013

school days

Our little Mister Five year old has suddenly picked up reading. We're all excited to listen!

I decided our Mister Seven year old/first grader was ready to delve into Rod & Staff's English 2 this year instead of next year as I'd planned. So far the book is great for him. He's working on sentence writing. As the reviews for R&S English usually point out, the book calls for way more writing than is necessary (for us anyway). We do most of it orally; I often have him read it to me. I pick and choose the parts of it to have him write. He also does copywork from his other subjects (but not on the same days).

Since I've read that most children, boys especially, pick up handwriting skills much later than reading skills, I don't push the handwriting nearly as much or as early as reading practice. That seems to work best for my boys.

This was today. I don't give Mister Three year old much "official" preschool work, and never for Littlest Farmgirl of course, but they always join us anyway! Look how cute the Little Miss is there, copying her big brothers with a pencil and scrap of paper she'd found.

When not busy copying her fun big brothers, she can be found sitting in blue tubs with her dolly, looking at books...

...and standing around in big pots.

Recently we had some product shipped to us in the mail that came wrapped in a ridiculously long piece of brown paper. But a perfect piece of paper for crafting on!

This weekend I traced each boy and then he painted and colored "himself". They had a lot of fun with it. After all the paint dried we cut each one out.


You can see the resemblance, right? ;)


As soon as we finished up our schoolwork today, Mister Seven year old packed up his backpack with snacks and announced he was going on a hike up the hill behind our house. My teen son and Mister Five year old decided to join in. They had a fine time hiking up through the woods. Although the snow is nearly melted at our house, apparently it is still knee deep in the forest! (he did come back in and put a snow coat on before venturing all the way up the hill)




Our schooling is going very well this year. The biggest challenges I'm facing these days are #1. interruptions, and #2. finding time to go over and correct all of my teen's schoolwork. This morning alone, during school time, I had to make phone calls for my husband- one for setting up a time to pick up hay, another to pick up grain, then a naughty rabbit escaped from his cage and I had to go figure out exactly which cage that was, then there was a dirty diaper and the mug of soup spilled on the floor. As for correcting/reviewing all my oldest son's work- that has been an ongoing problem for years! Sigh. I don't know why I battle with that so much. I just can't seem to find a perfect spot on my schedule for that. Phases come where I am getting to most of his work, and other phases where it's barely any for weeks on end. We discuss all his subjects, and he comes to me with questions of course, but as for getting a grade written at the top of each page, well that's another story. I wonder if any of you have encountered this challenge?

Because I am a planner, or perhaps because I like to worry over things that are happening way off in the future, I have already mapped out what grades my children will be in the years to come (including the child still in my belly, LOL). Take 2019 for instance. Our teen will have joined his big sister in graduating from homeschool, but I will still have one each in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th grades. HOW will I accomplish such a thing?! But I realize, that just like each new baby comes slowly but surely and we have plenty of time to adjust to the new routine, so will schooling be. I won't suddenly have children in all those grades, it will be a gradual thing, thank goodness!


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  2. I love seeing how other big families homeschool. We also use Rod and Staff (for english, math and reading) and I wouldn't be able to do it with so many kids without it! We also do a lot of readalouds...if you haven't tried Christian Heroes Then and Now, you should give a book or ten a try...we are addicted to these books! George Mueller is a good first one to start with. I try not to think of the future bc then I start to sweat! In 3 years, I will have a Kindergartener, two 2nd graders, a 4th grader, a 5th grader, and a 6th grader! As scary as it sounds though, I know we will figure it out....I have such a peace about having them home now that I could never imagine sending them away for school, plus I love that I can tailor their education to meet each child. Like you mentioned in regards to starting your son on 2nd grade english earlier then certainly don't get that freedom in public school! :) Thank you for sharing part of your day with us! :)

  3. Loved this post!

    For you-

  4. Melissa, thanks! :) I hadn't heard of the Christian Heroes books - I don't suppose they're something our library would carry... I couldn't agree more about having a peace with having my kids home, even if thinking of the future makes me break out in sweats, lol. I've never thought of public school as an option for us.

    Raini, hi! :) Thanks for the link. It's a good article and pretty blog. I'm such a weirdo though, her advice barely affects me because I am so technologically old fashioned. I don't know what most of the things she mentions are- twitter, instagram, how to make fonts, internet rankings, etc. I know how to post my very basic blog posts, send emails, and post on message boards. That about covers the entirety of my computer skills. Thankfully I am married to a computer genius. LOL!

  5. Yay on the one reading! Great job to him!
    That baby is so cute with those cheeks!! I could just eat her up!!!!! MMmmmmmm....LOL! Kiss her for me, seriously! What a dolly.

    I answered the acidophilous question on my blog under your comment. I need to know the brand and info on the chewable d3 you give your children now!


  6. I loved homeschooling my kids... this brings back such good memories...

  7. I hope you're all fine way out there in all that snow! I've been checking in to see if you have a new post and some baby cow and sheep and kid pictures. I know you are a busy mamma. But just hoping all is well.

  8. Kris, thank you so much for checking in on me. I do have a new post in the works, but sadly it is not a happy one...