Thursday, May 9, 2013

Birthday cakes from the past

Just for fun, here are some of our favorite birthdays cakes from years past.  :)

For one birthday my son had requested a "robot shooting lasers from its eyes". This is as good as I could get it. This picture still makes me laugh!

When two sons turned 3 and 5, they requested "rainbow cakes". Easy enough. ;)

Speaking of still making me laugh... another year my eldest son requested a "decapitated Teletubby" cake. Here's how that turned out:

Last year my son asked for a chocolate log. So, he got a Yule log for his birthday.

For my daughter's 16th birthday I created a pink dragon cake:

And for sweet sentimental reasons, I used the exact same number one candle that had been on her first birthday cake.

One year my daughter got turkey cupcakes.

How do you like this wormy guy?

I put a 3 foot tall, puffy cupcake on the wall for Daughter one year.

Her 18th birthday cake didn't turn out exactly as expected. I used frozen raspberries. Apparently one should avoid frozen raspberries as they melt!

Does this look familiar?  My son requested a dragon cake of his own.

Ridiculous monster cake. :p

Daughter's 19th birthday cake- the pink poodle!

Today is my eldest son's 15th birthday. :) He has requested an orange cocoa cake from the Hershey's Chocolate Treasury cookbook. He also requested things like a mess kit, swiss army knife, mp3 player and work gloves. Gone are the days of wanting new Legos and Warrior Cat books! SIGH. Babies disappear into young men and ladies all too fast for me. What a fantastic son he is though. Such a hard worker, never complaining, always cheerful and so funny! An all around great kid who is fun to hang out with and will be an awesome husband and father some day.

I will do my best to savor these last few years left of his childhood. I'd better not blink!


  1. Hang on! You tried to convince us all, how uncreative you thought you were, lol? ;)

    Mummy birthday cakes for kids - now that's up there with Piccaso! I think they're all brilliant.

  2. Happy birthday Son #1. He sounds like an awesome, responsible, unique individual. You should be proud.

    Love all the birthday cakes. Very creative.

  3. Belated birthday greetings!!! He is going to be an awesome adult!