Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I sit here trying to think of a positive and cheerful way to begin my blog post about the heat of summer. But, I am sorry to say, I don't really have anything cheerful to say about this heat!
A happy farmgirl, 21 months.

We enjoy the new horses on the property next door to us so much! They're fun to go visit. The kids all get many laughs over how horses use their lips to grab snacks. Then they all try to copy the horses with their own lips and I get many laughs.

I would love this picture a little more if it didn't have my shadow in it. This is Meatball, our steer. He is the friendliest animal you can imagine. He's like a 1300 pound puppy. Which is why he terrifies me and I rarely ever get this close to him! lol Meatball's days are numbered as he's scheduled to become meatballs in August. I know my husband will miss him and his friendly antics.

Lots and lots of running through sprinklers has been the favorite activity around here. Mister Five year old...

Mister Way Cute three year old...

Sometimes, Sister is kind and sweet to Baby Brother. Sometimes....

Tuesday morning the kids were in the sprinkler by 9am. Then a large gray cloud headed over us, and just like that ! it was a rainstorm! It was great fun for everybody. It was hot, hot, hot but suddenly raining huge, surprisingly chilly rain drops and thundering like mad. All for about 10 minutes, and then the storm cloud was gone as fast as it came.

I discovered a fun new blog for art ideas at I am especially excited about her Art School series. Since my seven year old gobbles up art projects at the speed of light, I always have my eye out for new, simply laid out ideas. We've started working through the Art School projects. One of them was a paper weaving craft in which the children weave primary colors with secondary colors. I decided to turn the idea into a Fourth of July craft, which turned out pretty okey dokey.

On today's agenda, we have canning! Yes, in this mighty heat I shall be found in my blazing hot kitchen over a blazing hot pressure canner, canning up our recently butchered critters- rabbits, roosters and a turkey. Then I will be canning up some rabb-roo-turk bone broth. ;)


  1. Try to keep cool. I remember when I was a kid running/playing in the sprinklers. Those were fun days :)

  2. Dancing in the rain! What fun! We've had some heat, about 90 degrees, but it is welcome after WEEKS of rain here. At least it is sun! But, a brief shower is fun because all but our baby love to go out in the rain! And when you have to collect rain water to run the bath for them, a shower means easy work for cleaning, lol

  3. Soooo I am totally the pot calling the kettle black here, but where have you been all month?? ;-) I am so used to your regular updates. Hope everything is well with you and your family! Enjoy the summer!!!

  4. hi Zoa,
    You're right, I'm way over due for a post. I was just waiting for someone to miss me! LOL Just kidding. ;) I've been feeling weirdly un-chatty. I'll go begin putting a new post together now, though....