Thursday, September 5, 2013

this morning

I can sure feel fall on the air. Our days have been starting out chilly and misty, but turn to another muggy 85 degree summer day by mid-afternoon. Here was the view from the back door this morning:


I've been busying myself every spare second with lesson planning for the school year these past few weeks. It is quite a daunting project when I first sit down to do it, but I really enjoy lesson planning actually.
I created a general plan for what I hope to accomplish this year, and then sat down and wrote out exactly what the plan is for the next 6 weeks. I photocopied a zillion things, tore sheets out of workbooks, and stuffed it all in each child's binder to be pulled out each school day. I am using Debra Bell's ultimate homeschool planner again this year. I love that planner.
I hand make much of our preschooler's work:

The view from where I stood, rocking the fussy baby and reading from Story of the World. We're on chapter 23, learning about Greek Gods. :)

We cruise back and forth between our dining room table and our little classroom table in the living room. I need a change of scenery sometimes. :)  I took all these photos this morning.

Hmm, a little blurry. That blurry chart in the background is our schedule/chore chart. I borrowed the awesome idea from the video on the Smockity Frocks blog. Instead of writing our schedule and then having to re-write the whole thing every time we have changes, I can just remove or rearrange the post-it notes!

One benefit of school at home is that no one has to miss Oscar chowing down on a mouse! Everyone gets to run outside, mid-lessons, and enjoy the crunchy show.

And then, it's back to lessons. This counts as learning for a preschooler, right?


Hmm, I just made an attempt at uploading a video of the boys singing a silly song but my attempt failed. I've never loaded a video to Blogger before. It sounds fun though so I will spend some time with my friend Mr. Google and see if I can figure out how to do it!
I took a video months ago of a mama chicken leading her tiny babies through the grass, with the intention of loading it here. Seriously you guys, I am composing (haha I typed "composting"!) blog posts inside my head everyday, I just never have time to get them here!

And now, I have a whole mountain of rabbit meat thawing and bleeding all over our fridge that I need to get to canning!

(Once again I posted this from my phone, as an experiment. I think the formatting is all weird and wonky... we'll have to see what Mr. Google has to say about that as well..Gah, technology!)


  1. Baby T is seriously too cute! Now, how do you keep all of those post-it's where they belong? If I did that they would be smattered all over each and every single wall in my house after about 2.5 seconds of being hung up! I decided to print out a schedlue usuing Excel, so I can just type over anything that needed changing.


  2. LOL, I purposefully sought out a spot completely out of reach for the chart! Otherwise, I'd definitely see a child run by with 42 post-its on their chest and my chart bare.

  3. A very good idea with post it notes, and hanging it well out of reach :-). The sweetest little baby, darling smile. Very impressed with people who homeschool, a big and impotant job. The problem with our school system is that everyone has to pass through the same "door" and if a child doesn't benefit from the systems plan and teaching methods then there is something wrong with the child. This assumption makes me mad! Keep up the good work. Pam

    1. Pam, thanks for the visit! Homeschooling is a ton of work, for sure. But I personally find no benefits in the government schools for us. So, home it is! :)