Thursday, October 31, 2013

country kid Halloween

In 2011, on our first Halloween out in the Idaho boonies, I was all discombobulated. "Hmm. I guess we drive into the city for trick or treating then?" (over an hour away) LOL! I didn't realize yet that there is life beyond trick or treating in the city on Halloween. 

One of them is putting bunnies into pumpkins and taking a zillion pictures because it's so cute you can barely contain yourself!!

Ahem. But we also do other things besides play with rabbits. 

Once upon a time we would spend the days leading up to trick or treating at parties with our local homeschool groups. Well, now we live in a village (as my teen likes to call it) that doesn't contain a stop light let alone homeschool parties. And the hike to the nearest house to trick or treat at would make us break out in a sweat. And then their dogs would probably attack us, or we'd see a rifle pointed our way (not that our neighbors are not friendly! They are all awesome, it's just that they don't expect to see a herd of ghouls and weirdos coming up their long dirt driveways in the dark!)..... Anyway, we had to find a new groove. :)

Last year my teen son came up with a great idea. He put together a scavenger hunt for all his little siblings, with hints and candies to find! It was a blast for the kids. I've put together hints for another scavenger hunt tonight. Things such as "the chicken's house is stinky. Go smell it", and "where do you make your toast?". Then there will be another hint (at the chicken coop, at the toaster..), and some candy, to lead them to their next treasure spot. I hope for this tradition to go on every Halloween.

We do crafts, sing the 13 Days of Halloween song (a yearly tradition since my 15 yr old was a toddler), and carve pumpkins. Then costumes, pictures, and the scavenger hunt. And you know what, I don't even miss trick or treating.

Pinning their patterns to their pumpkins:

Checking out the pumpkins in the bathroom, the only dark spot in the house. My teen son created that neat wolf howling at the moon scene on his pumpkin in the background there.

And more CUTE BUNNY!!


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  1. gosh girl I didnt know you didn't know, but the grange in your town has a carnival thingy they pass out food and goodies and have games. Also the school in the other close town does a game and trick or treating for all kids homeschooled and educated at school. I will try and keep you in the loop next year.

  2. Hi,
    I am a new follower,
    I love the bunny.
    We have bunnies too. And we have a black one. I will have to take a photo with him in a cute. :-)