Monday, November 4, 2013

first snow of the season

The first snowflakes came this weekend, yay! Only about an inch stayed on the ground, but that didn't stop us from celebrating and the kids from making a snowman!

View from the back door:

Which has given us an excuse to fire up our new pellet stove! Here our 7 yr old demonstrates its hiney-warming capabilities. I will feel more secure this winter knowing that when we have power outages, we have the option of hooking the stove up to the generator for heat. Last year we relied on our electric heating system only. The electric heat was expensive and relied on the grid at all times, plus mice loved to use the heating vents as doorways into our home. Yuck! Since we no longer need them, I've duct taped all the vents shut. Take that, pests! I've been at war with those little fuzzy nasties since the moment we purchased our home last year. Poison, spring traps, duct tape, spray foam and glue traps! It's The Great Mouse Battle, roar!

And now back to my canned food organizing adventure.  :)


  1. Oh, that looks way too cold for me! I hope y'all stay nice and warm out there. I bet his behind is!

    1. Oh come now, it's a balmy 27 degrees right now!
      ;) lol

  2. I won the Great Mouse Battle of 2011 by caulking EVERY SINGLE hole around pipes into the house. And not just caulk, it was caulk under which I'd stuffed steel wool. They will chew through caulk, but not the steel wool. I used metal screening for the larger spots, including the entire back area underneath the kitchen sink. I went absolutely bananas with the caulk, but it worked!
    Our mice are so tiny only certain traps will even catch them (they're too light), and until I caulked I felt like I was just slowly feeding the mice all our peanut butter. ;)
    Good luck!