Saturday, January 18, 2014


Guess what my husband discovered on his rounds this morning? Our Fuzzy Brown Sheep had a couple little surprises with her! And look how cute they are!

This one is a little lamby boy: 

And this one is a girl! Perfect!

The Fuzzy mama:

The proud papa:

The handsome little family:

Grendel is not a sheep. But he wishes I'd stop fussing over all those sheep and pay more attention to him!

After all, look how handsome he is with all that frost on his head. 

Here is the post from last winter in which I gush about new lambs and tell the story about Fuzzy Brown's last birth. She had twins that quickly died. :( 

Today's pair seems big and robust! I have high hopes for them. It's exciting too, because these are our young homestead's very first lambs to be conceived and born right here on our own land, all self-sufficient like. :) Our little herd of Katahdins (a meat breed that grows hair instead of wool) just grew by two today! ❤️


  1. Congrats! On the births, and on achieving another first on the homestead.

  2. I am so glad your little flock is starting to blossom! It has been so neat to watch you all as homesteaders and family grow

  3. Squeeee!!!! Baby lambs. Yay!!! Sigh. Our first lambing season was last year. My very first experience and mama had quads (!!) And then 3 died. I was devastated. It made me a little shy when the next set was born. We have Katahdins, too. A few wooly girls, too. Enjoy the babies! I love to watch them spring up and down lol. Hugs. Xxxx