Saturday, April 12, 2014

hardships and blessings

What a roller coaster the past few days have been. We got some unexpected, startling news. It began like this: My 22 year old daughter decided to go down to the emergency room after 10 days of pain in her lower abdomen and other strange symptoms. She'd been battling what she thought was digestive troubles with over the counter remedies but the pain was increasing. So the day before yesterday, around lunch time, she and her boyfriend drove over to the ER. A few worrisome hours later she called to let me know that a CT scan showed "huge, enormous ovarian cysts" that would have to be removed immediately. She was admitted to the hospital and given painkillers (that made the poor girl throw up). 
She went into surgery late afternoon yesterday. I watched the hours ticking by but I couldn't get any news about what was going on until, finally, I was told that the doctor had "found a mass, not cysts. He doesn't know what it is or what organs it is affecting. We'll let you know what the specialist determines....". A mass!? Nobody knows what kind!? Yikes. I trembled and paced for a few more hours. Finally I heard the diagnosis late last night: endometriosis. Huge, enormous endometriosis. Growths had filled her lower abdomen. The lesions had fused organs together. They felt confident they had removed them all, she'd received blood transfusions, had a hefty scar, but was stable and resting.
Whoa. Blessings: Readily available medical care, modern technology, caring hospital staff, her boyfriend who was so worried about her that he hyperventilated while talking on the phone with me, supportive texts from family members, it was not cancer, she has her life and limbs. Hardships: First, a long healing time. Numerous lesions were removed from several organs & areas, all of which are now angry and inflamed. A large abdominal scar. And, it is unknown whether she will ever be able to conceive a child.
Huge, enormous sigh. That's potential heartbreak material right there.
I was up late with phone calls, text messages and Googling the daylights out of this "endometriosis" thing. We had no idea, this was not on my daughter's (or my) radar. Today I shuffle around a bit dazed. I got to talk with her on the phone. Through the deep haze of her heavy painkillers she said this "whole entire thing is just intensely scary". My in-laws are visiting. My father-in-law helped Husband move the pig pen to a fresh spot so we can put the piglets in it soon.

They used these round pieces of wood to roll the movable pig pen up onto to get started sliding it across our field. It worked fantastically.

While the menfolk busied themselves with that, my mother-in-law pulled the children up & down & up & down the driveway in the wagon, and I lifted this old board to see what treasures were hidden beneath. And look! A nest of wee tiny mice.

Littlest Farmgirl, 2 1/2 years old.

In the wagon, Baby T is now 7 days short of one year old!
The lot of 'em. :) Aged nearly-1, 2, 4, 6, and 8. Missing is my teen son who spends weekends with his dad, and my eldest daughter of course.
Plans for this evening: Watching Frozen with my in-laws and excited children, chatting with my daughter from her hospital bed, holding my husband's hand, and being grateful for the many blessings and mercies our days are filled with.


  1. Sorry to hear about your daughter sending up a prayer for a quick and full recovery. Always enjoy the glimpse into your farm life. Someday hope to be on a little homstead ourselves. Warm Blessings! Amy

  2. Prayers for your daughter. What a relief it wasn't cancer!!

  3. Oh I am sorry to hear about your daughter. Know that I will be praying for her recovery. I will be praying for you as the mama too! I know that there are probably natural/dietary ways to help with the endo. If nothing else do please look into homeopathy. Most people think it is bogus, but I can tell you from personal experience that it works. The homeopath we see (he does phone consultations) has handled people with cancer, so I am pretty sure he could probably help your daughter. With homeopathy, as long as you have symptoms, then they have something to work with. Just email me for their contact info. My email is: kjpechin at yahoo dot com


  4. Wow, I know you must have been frantic, worrying and waiting for news. She'll be so much better after having all that removed. My daughter went through this twice plus had ovarian cysts. I don't think she'll be able to have children. But it could happen! It does all the time. And goodness, what a wagonload of young'uns you have there! And all such happy kids. I love it!

  5. How scary!!! I'm so glad that she went in and ended up getting the surgery that she needed. I'll praying for a smooth recovery and quick healing for her. <3 to you all!

  6. Sorry to hear of your daughter's surgery and diagnosis. I hope she recovers quickly and that the doctors are incorrect about her ability to bear children one day.

  7. It's scary to think how many women I know have been through something similar at a young age- including myself. What horrible chemical on this earth is causing this?
    I was told I would likely never conceive and then once I did I was told I could not sustain a pregnancy and I have 2 healthy girls so I know there is hope :)

    I am hoping you get to see her and hug her soon!

  8. I am sending good vibes to you and your daughter... hang in there :)

  9. So glad she is okay and hope she recovers quickly! Sending healing energy her way.

  10. That would be any mother's worst nightmare day, not knowing the answers and being so far away. I'm glad the good news finally came! I would have shed a tear or too, if it were me. Actually, it would have been more like a bucket load. Thank heavens for small mercies. To happy times ahead. :)

  11. My sister had surgery for endometriosis twice. She thought she'd never be able to have children. Imagine her surprise when she became pregnant at age 40! Hope your daughter's recovery goes well.