Thursday, April 17, 2014

our week

Thanks to each one of you that left your thoughtful comments on my last post. I appreciate them all very much, as did my daughter.

She was sent home from the hospital last night, six days after walking out her door for a visit to the emergency room. She's recuperating at home now, barely able to lift herself in and out of bed. Her recovery is said to be somewhat similar to after a c-section, though her scar is larger. She isn't allowed to lift things heavier than 10 pounds for 6 weeks, is not allowed to drive for a few weeks, among other things. But, she will be just fine. I am so grateful for the medical care that we have access to! And for the magic we are born with that enables our bodies to heal so amazingly! As to whether she will be able to conceive remains to be seen. There is really no way to be sure (apparently) besides trying. I could say more about all that but seeings how it's kind of a personal subject I suppose I shouldn't blab about it. ;) I wouldn't want my daughter to be forced to roll her eyes at me and say "geez, mom..." whilst reading my public blog post. 

My roley poley perfect little Baby T in the sunshine:

Though he doing just fine for his adjusted age (being born 1 1/2 months prematurely), I still found myself surprised to have a baby just about to turn one (this Saturday) who still did not crawl. Well guess what, he began to crawl this very week. :)  He also has begun to talk. He says one word: "uh-oh!" LOL He even demonstrated this new talent while I was snapping the above photos. He kept removing his hat, tossing it on the ground, leaning way over to look at it, and saying "uh-oh" each time. 

One of my new favorite photos of Little Miss Farmgirl:

Baby salad greens also enjoying the sunshine:

Yesterday we dyed our eggs. None of our chickens happen to be laying white eggs right now so we made do with light brown ones and a few duck eggs.

Our 8 and 6 year olds enjoyed this wonderful craft. The print outs are available for free at the Catholic Icing blog. We didn't have 20 bath tissue tubes lying around so I quickly just made our own little tubes with posterboard and staples. I also didn't have an empty Kleenex box so we used a saltines box. Mister Six year old's:

Once they created their people, Jesus, and tomb, I read the Easter story to them and they acted it out. :)

The muddy, splashy duckling went outside to be a proper farm animal this week. He was so funny the last couple days inside. He just sat there like this, looking around the house with his head in the handle of the bucket...

I put my head out the backdoor today and snapped this photo. A lovely, gray, misty, drizzly spring day. "Misty mountains cold" we are fond of calling our hills. ;)


  1. I will be praying for your daughter, how scary!
    I love seeing the pictures of your farm and love love.

  2. Hi there! I don't comment often, but I have been a regular reader since about the time Baby T was born. You have an amazing family and I enjoy all the pictures! I'm sorry to hear about your daughter, but grateful she is home again and recovering! My mom had a close call this winter, being kicked in the face by her horse, which led to a couple months of difficult recovery, but God is good and she is recovering well also! Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story :)

    1. Wow, your poor mother! I can't imagine how scary and painful that must have been. I'm so glad to hear she is healing. Thank you for your kind words!